Thursday, February 21, 2013

Frigid and not too fancy.

It has been absolutely frigid here the last couple of days. Add in high winds, and that pretty much sums up this winter. We are so lucky! We have a weather advisory for freezing rain tonight to boot! Ugh. It's hard to deal with the cold when there is no snow to enjoy. I believe there was enough to sled twice this winter.

My husband is so upset that its cold in the middle of winter, that he now believes this will be the year without summer. Yeah, not really sure how he got to this conclusion, but it may have something to do with the motorcycle currently residing in my basement! That's the downfall of buying a new bike in the winter. You have to wait months to actually use this bike. Kind of sucks for him!

Basement demo continues so I don't have anything fun to post about. Trust me, this demo is anything but fun!! I did get copies of my family pictures that were taken over the summer and I though I would share. It was nice and laid back and more "us". We are not fancy and dressed up so we didn't want to take pictures like that either. Plus, with all the kids involved, there was no point in trying! My son always complains that I am trying to make him look fancy when I brush his hair or make him wear a short with real buttons! He is a little skater/snowboard junkie and fully believes in dressing the part. Clunky shoes and all! That being said, he believes he looks fancy in these photos! We wanted these to be fun photos that caught how we are in real life. Golf clubs, beer and all!


  1. One member is missing. I don't know where he would have fit in the truck lol

  2. The first photo of you three is adorable! I wish we had a basement for the husband's man cave and just another place for entertaining. We don't have basements in CA unfortunately! -Jessica L

  3. what great photos! i am very ready for warmer weather!!


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